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Faux Leather

      Faux leather or synthetic leather is made of vinyl and fabric. This product simulates the feel of real leather without the maintenance and the cost. Faux leather is generally durable and more consistent in appearance as well without the imperfections of genuine leather.


      • Economical – faux Leather is more affordable than genuine leather.
      • Durability – faux leather is more durable than genuine leather as it is made of vinyl or PVC.
      • Easy Maintenance – product does not retain moisture and since it is made of synthetic materials, is not subject to ageing and scratches that genuine leather may be subject to.
      • Consistency – faux leather is generally consistent all throughout, unlike genuine leather, since it is made from a live animal, may have imperfections and inconsistencies throughout.
      • Upholstery
      • Headboards
      • Chairs
      • Furniture
      • Clothing

      1 product

      1 product