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Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard

Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard offers whiteboard products catering to the customer’s needs. Transform your wall or area by using Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard Solutions. The products we offer are paint and wallpaper. Change the way you work by modifying your wall to become writable and erasable. These products can be used for offices, classrooms, work spaces or just at home.


Space Saving – this product allows you to transform your very walls into a functional surface, such as a white board.
Modern Design – used by companies such as Google, Microsoft and Nestle, this product is the future in terms of making your walls functional
Unlimited Space – unlike traditional white board, you can use the full extent of your walls as a writeable surface
Environmentally Friendly – product has low odor and low VOC, proving safe for use even for children.

  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Home Work Area

  • Walls
  • Tables
  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Any smooth surface

4 products

4 products