Alpen Wall Mural
Alpen Wall Mural

Alpen Wall Mural

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W: 400cm H: 250cm 

Type of Mural: 

4 Panels of Non-woven Photomural




Beach, Sky, Sea 


Blue, White, Green, Brown 

The impressive feat of nature is resembled on a vast view of a mountain range. The landscape presented in the wall mural is spectacular and peaceful at the same time. The Alps is one of nature's wonders that gives man a desire to admire the beauty of the spectacle.

The Alpen Wall Mural is a genuine example on how anyone can easily have access to an astounding feat of nature in the comfort of their own home. Always be part in the presence of nature wherever you are in your home by using this wall mural. 

Nature is timeless and anyone can appreciate an Alpen Wall Mural displayed on any wall.